Video Premiere

Sarah’s WLA Digital Story-How a Mayfly Nymph changed my life

Jackie’s WLA Digital Story-Hunting: Conserving Our Tomorrow

David’s WLA Digital Story-An Unexpected Journey: Inspired by Japanese Stilt Grass

Robert’s WLA Digital Story-Hunting for Understanding

Story Circle

Hello Everyone,

Typically if we were meeting face-to-face we have what is called a Story Circle where everyone discusses their narrations and we offer eachother feedback to help us articulate our messages if we are looking for some suggestions. Because we do not have the opportunity to do that, this blog space will be our Virtual Story Circle where we can offer each other feedback digitally.

Below are the scripts/narrations each of you wrote for the WLA Digital Stories. Please feel free to offer any and all feedback to your fellow digital story makers. Michele and I already offered feedback on all of your stories but would like to open up the forum to all of you to help your fellow digital story maker articulate his/her message. Please post a comment if you like. Thank you all for sharing your WONDERFUL Stories of Conservation!


Jackie Narration


Sarah Narration


Robert Narration


David Narration

Revisions by Michele and Brianna
Jackie Narration Revised

Sarah Narration Revised

Robert Narration Revised

David Narration Revised

Final Narrations

Jackie Narration Final

Sarah Narration Final

Robert Narration Final

David Narration Final